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The final exam is due by 6:45pm on May 11, 2017. Please do your own work.


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Course Information Numerical Errors in Computation MATLAB Linear Algebra Root Finding Curve Fitting and Interpolation Numerical Integration and Differentiation Finite-Difference Method Optimization Bonus Material

Other Resources

  • Summary of Propagating Uncertainty
  • Animation of Golden-section search

  • Download .zip file with MATLAB codes for this course.

  • test_tlder.p -- In Homework #10a you are required to write the MATLAB function tlder() which builds derivative matrices across a staggered 2D grid. This MATLAB program test_tlder.p calls your tlder() function hundreds of times with different input arguments to test all of the features.

    stlder.p -- This works just like tlder(), but it only generates derivative matrices for small grids. It is provided to help you troubleshoot your tlder() function by providing correct answers.

    hw10a_checker.p -- This function checks the output of your code for Homework 10a. Install it in your working MATLAB directory. Run your code and then run this.

    Note: The above items are protected function files and have a ".p" extension. They work just like ".m" files, but they cannot be opened to view the code inside them.