EM Lab Awarded $100K Grant for FDTD

August 2019

The EM Lab has received a $100,000 grant from IERUS Technologies to develop numerical techniques that will be incorporated into a high-performance computing (HPC) platform suitable for simulating and optimizing advanced photonic devices. Congratulations team!!!

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EM Lab Research Featured on Cover of IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology

June 2019

The EM Lab published two seminal papers this month in IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufaturing Technology. The first paper describes their work which automated hybrid direct write 3D printing, giving them the powerful capability to build arbitrary metal-dielectric parts. The EM Lab is the first group in the world to accomplish this. The second paper describes how this new capability was used to buid demonstrate the first-ever 3D/volumetric electrical circuit. The second paper also described the EM Lab's custom CAD tool to design 3D/volumetric circuits. With these unique capabilities, the future is very bright for the EM Lab! Congratulations team!!!

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World News Lists EM Lab as Key Player in Global 3D Printed Electronics Market

May 2019

A new market study titled "Discover Global 3D Printed Electronics Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges" lists the EM Lab as a key player in the global 3D printed electronics market. The EM Lab has been making very significant contributions to this field and is one of the most ambitious and visionary groups. Congratuations to the entire EM Lab team!!!

EIN Presswire Release

Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf Named to the UTEP Academy of Distinguished Teachers

April 2019

Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf, Director of the EM Lab, has been named to the UTEP Academy of Distinguished Teachers. This honor is in recognition of Rumpf's strong dedication to the students at UTEP and his innovative teaching in his courses at UTEP. Congratulations Raymond on this significant and well-deserved award!!

UTEP Academy of Distinguished Teachers

EM Lab Technology Featured in Digital Engineering Online Magazine

April 2019

The online magazine Digital Engineering published an article that features EM Lab technology in 3D printed electronics. The article covers the future and the state-of-the-art in 3D printed electronics, where the EM Lab is very prominant in pioneering the future of this emerging field. Congratulations EM Lab for doing such great and visionary work!!

Link to the article

Professor Raymond Rumpf Receives 2019 Dean's Award for Excellence in Research

February 2019

Professor Raymond C. Rumpf, Director of the EM Lab, was awarded the prestigious 2019 Dean's Award for Excellence in Research. This award recognizes Rumpf's leadership and mentoring in high-risk research that has led to an array of very significant breakthroughs. This includes the most recent achievement of producing the first-ever 3D/volumetric circuit using an automated hybrid 3D printing process. Rumpf's statement after receiving the award was "I feel a bit like I cheated on a test because our achivements have all been a team effort and contributions were made by many people other than myself." Congratulations Dr. Rumpf and his team of awesome students!!!

UTEP Announcement #1
UTEP Announcement #2

EM Lab Wins Project from Army to Develop 3D Printed Antennas for High-G Environments

February 2019

Based on the EM Lab's unique technology for hybrid 3D printing of metallo-dielectric structures, the EM Lab will engage in a collaborate research project with the Army Research Lab to develop 3D printed antennas for high-g applications.

UTEP Announcement

EM Lab Wins Project to Develop Radically Miniaturized Integrating Spheres for RF Power Measurements

January 2019

In collaboration with Sciperio, Inc., the EM Lab was awarded an SBIR project titled "Self-Uncollimation to Develop a Radically Miniaturized Integrating Sphere." In this project, the EM Lab will develop a newly invented electromagnetic mechanism they call self-uncollimation to miniaturize integrating spheres by two orders of magnitude. The proof-of-concept device will be designed at UTEP, 3D printed by Sciperio, and tested at UTEP. Congratulations EM Lab!!

UTEP Announcement

Ubaldo Robles Successsfully Defends His Ph.D. Research

November 2018

ConGRADulations to Ubaldo Robles for successfully defending his Ph.D. research!! His dissertation was titled "Hybrid 3D Printing Demonstrated by Arbitrary 3D Meandering Transmission Lines." Ubaldo produced the first-ever fully automated CAD-to-print process for direct-write 3D printing that is capable of building completely arbitrary metallo-dielectric structures. Congratulations again to Dr. Robles!

EM Lab Develops First 3D/Volumetric Circuit with Automated Process

September 2018

The EM Lab at the University of Texas at El Paso has developed a fully automated hybrid 3D printing process for manufacturing electrical circuits and used it to produce the first-ever true 3D/volumetric circuits. In these circuits, components can be placed at any position and be oriented at any angle. Interconnects meander smoothly throughout all three dimensions. This will allow circuits to be smaller, lighter, more efficient, able to exploit new physics, and manufactured into any shape desired. This breakthrough in 3D printing required development of a custom CAD tool to design true 3D circuits, a custom slicing algorithm for hybrid direct-write 3D printing, and the process to manufacture arbitrary multimaterial parts. The printing was done using a hybrid 3D printer from nScrypt. Congratulations Cesar Valle, Gilbert Carranza, and Ubaldo Robles for this outstanding achievement!!

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Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf Promoted to Full Professor

September 1, 2018

Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf, Director of the EM Lab, was promoted to the rank of full professor at the University of Texas at El Paso. As a leader in research, his team has produced an array of very significant accomplishments in 3D printing, electromagnetics, and photonics. As a teacher, he modernizing the classroom through creating of online tools, stunning visualizations of complicated concepts, and making learning fun and interesting. As an entrepenuer, he is filing for patents and actively working to commercialize EM Lab technology and encouraging his students to form spin-off companies in the El Paso area. Dr. Rumpf is also committed to service including providing quality learning materials to anyone around the world and a program to reach out to students in 3rd world countries. Congratulations Dr. Rumpf!!!

EM Lab Awarded United State Patent

Fall 2017

The United States Patent Office just awarded Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf and Dr. Cesar R. Garcia a new patent titled "Anisotropic Metamaterials for Electromagnetic Compatibility. The technology uses spatially-variant anisotropic metamaterials (SVAMs) to sculpt the near-field around electrical devices in order to reduce mutual couple and improve electromagnetic compatibility. Congratulations Dr. Rumpf and Dr. Garcia!!!

Photon Funnel Technology Feature on

Fall 2017

In partnernship with the University of Central Florida, the EM Lab at UTEP has secured research funding from the National Science Foundation to develop photon funnels. The technology is based on a new optical mechanism discovered by EM Lab researchers that circumvents refraction. It is being used to develop photon funnels that will collect and concentrate light regardless of the angle or position a beam is incident on the funnel. Congratulations team!!!

Link to feature

Gilbert Carranza Awarded Best Senior

Spring 2017

This year the Best Senior Award was given to the EM Lab's Gilbert Carranza for his excellent academic performance, research as an undergradate, and involvement campus organizations. The award is voted on by the faculty in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Congratulations Gilbert!!!

Dr. Rumpf Awarded the Dean Eugene Thomas Award for Outstanding Faculty Member

Spring 2017

The Dean Eugen Thomas Award for Outstanding Faculty Member is an award chosen by a vote of all the students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. This year the award was given to the EM Lab's Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf for his excellence in teaching, significant accomplishments in research, any many other small things Dr. Rumpf does for the students. Congratulations Dr. Rumpf!!

Asad Galib Wins Best MS Thesis in Computational Science at UTEP

Spring 2017

The EM Lab's Asad Gulib was awarded with Best MS Thesis in the Computational Science Program at UTEP. His thesis was titled "Numerical Calculation of Spatially-Variant Anisotropic Metamaterials (SVAMs)." This research entailed prototyping an algorithm to generate SVAMs for use in 3D circuits and electromagnetic systems. Congratulations Asad!!!!

Gilbert Carranza Invited to Texas State Capital

Spring 2017

The EM Lab's Gilbert Carranza was invited to the Texas State capital to present his undergraduate research. The goal of his research is to develop computer tools for designing true 3D circuits. Gilbert is an awardee of the MERITUS program funded by UTEP's Campus Office of Undergraduate Research Initiatives (COURI). Congratulations Gilbert!!!

Announcement 1
Announcement 2

Jesus Gutierrez Featured on UTEP's Website for His Interest in Scientific Arts and the Magic of Harry Potter

Spring 2017

The EM Lab's Jesus Gutierrez was featured on the University of Texas at El Paso's Graduate School Website for his interest in Scientific Arts and his research into optical invisibility.

Link to Web Feature

EM Lab's Paul Deffenbaugh Highlighted in UTEP's Series "Twenty in Their 20's"

Fall 2016

Paul Deffenbaugh was highlighted in UTEP's series "Twenty in Their 20's" for his shear awesomeness. The photograph shows him 3D printing in micro gravity. The very cool highlight appears about 60% of the way down from the top of the web page at the link below. Congratulations Paul!!!

Link to Highlight

EM Lab & Students Featured in Pathways to Innovation Video

Fall 2016

Along with other groups, the EM Lab and some of its students were featured in a new Pathways to Innovation video produced by the University of Texas at El Paso. Congratulations EM Lab!!!

Link to Video

Gilbert Carranza Awarded a Research Position by the Campus Office of Undergraduate Research Initiatives

Thursday, 28 July 2016

After a thorough evaluation of his application and proposal, Gilbert was selected to be appointed as an Undergraduate Student Assistant through a collaborative program between the Campus Office of Undergraduate Research Initiatives (COURI) and the Division of Student Affairs – On-Campus Student Employment Opportunities (OCSEO) Program. His research project is titled "Exploration of Layout and Signal Routing in 3D Printed Circuits." Congratulations Gilbert!!!

Dr. Rumpf Featured as Inventor of the Week

This week (July 11-18, 2016), Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf was featured as the Inventor of the Week by the Office of Technology Commercialization at UTEP. This entailed a series of seven incredible posts on Facebook that covered Dr. Rumpf's research, his vision for the future, his team, and some details about his personal life. What an awesome series of posts about Dr. Rumpf!!

Monday Post | Tuesday Post | Wednesday Post | Thursday Post | Friday Post | Saturday Post | Sunday Post

Dr. Rumpf Promoted to Rank of Senior Member of SPIE

Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf was honored by SPIE with a promotion to the rank of Senior Member! Dr. Rumpf has been a member of SPIE for nearly 20 years, has served as an Associate Editor for SPIE Optical Engineering for nearly 10 years, has served as a Chair for Advanced Fabrication Technologies at Photonics West for almost as long, and published numerical articles in SPIE journals. Way to go Dr. Rumpf!!

SPIE Profile for Dr. Rumpf

Jose Avila Successfully Defends his MSEE Thesis

Congratulations Jose Avila for defending your MSEE thesis titled “Dielectric Prism Antenna.” The response from your committee behind closed doors was “He is incredible. How do you find and train students like this?” Our response was, “We don’t. He is just that good.” You are brilliant and this was awesome work. We are looking forward to continuing to work with you for you PhD. Great job!

EM Lab Collaborator Jennefir Digaum Wins at the 2016 Graduate Research Symposium

Jennefir Digaum, an EM Lab collaborator, won second place at the 2016 Graduate Research Symposium at the University of Central Florida. The award category was Doctoral Students in Mathemattics, Optics, and Physical Sciences. His research was titled "Spatially-Variant Self-Collimating Photonic Crystal for Beam Bending at Telecommunication Wavelength." Jennefir's work entailed fabricating spatially-variant photonic crystals by multi-photon lithography and testing the structures for their optical performance. Congratulations Jennefir!!

Link to Announcement

EM Lab Photonics Technology Identified as Best in 2015

The year 2015 was the "Year of Light." Opli Newsletter (the Magazine of Optics) included EM Lab technology in their list of Best of 2015 photonics technologies. In close collaboration with the University of Central Florida, the world's tightest bend of an unguided beam was demonstrated using spatially-variant photonic crystals (SVPCs). The technology is being investigated for applications in high-speed optical interconnects and sensing.

Link to Opli's Best of 2015
Link to segment on KTSM NBC

Two EM Lab Students Receive the Anita Mochen Loya Graduate Engineering Fellowship

Jesus Gutierrez and Cesar Valle, both students with the EM Lab, have selected for Anite Loya Graduate Engineering Fellowships to promote theie research work. These fellowships are recognition of these two outstanding students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Congratulations Cesar and Jesus!

Announcement on ECE Website

EM Lab Receives New Hybrid 3D Printer from nScrypt

The EM Lab has received a new hybrid 3D printer from nScrypt that is capable of building parts made of both plastics and metals with unprecidented resolution. The machine is also equipped with two high power lasers for cutting, trimming, drilling, curing, sintering, and more. The EM Lab will use this capability to demonstrate an array of revolutionary technologies currently under development in their lab.

The City of El Paso Presents the Star on the Mountain Award to Dr. Rumpf

Professor Rumpf attended the El Paso City Council meeting on 22 September 2015 where he was presented with the Star on the Mountain Award for his outstanding performance at UTEP.

Professor Rumpf Awarded the Highly Prestigious Schellenger Professorship in Electrical Research

Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf as been awarded with the highly prestigious Schellenger Professorship in Electrical Research, effective 1 September 2015. The purpose of the Schellenger Professorship is to stimulate and promote funded research in Electrical Engineering. Rumpf said the funds from the Professorship will help his team push through the challenges they face for demonstrating 3D printed high frequency circuits which also incorporate spatially-variant anisotropic metamaterials.

College of Engineering Announcement
UTEP Wide Announcement

EM Lab Completes Construction of Its Anechoic Chamber

The EM Lab team has finally completed construction of its anechoic test facility for electromagnetic testing. The room is 27 L x 12 W x 10 H feet large, although it felt much larger when installing the foam. The team plans on building walking platforms and robotic test fixtures for future testing. Great job team! This gives UTEP an incredible capability.

Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf Recieves the Prestigious 2015 UT-Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award

Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf was selected to receive the prestigious 2015 UT-Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award. Only a select number of faculty members from across the University of Texas System were chosen for this honor. Winning one of these awards is truly a remarkable achievement. After a rigorous campus-level review, the President of each UT institution forwarded the names of the most qualified candidates for consideration. An external review committee comprised of highly academic administrators and faculty members evaluated the nominations based on many criteria. Congratulations Dr. Rumpf on your phenomenal accomplishments!!

UT System Announcement

EM Lab Wins Keysight Vector Signal Analyzer/Generator

The EM Lab won a proposal written to Keysight Technologies to win a vector signal analyzer/generator with a lifetime software license. The equipment is valued at over $400k and gives UTEP the critical capability to test their 3D printed high-frequency circuits with realistic waveforms. Delivery of the equipment is expected during early summer 2015.

College of Engineering Press Announcement

Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf Awarded the 2015 BUILDing SCHOLARS Mentoring Award

Dr. Rumpf was awarded the highly competitive BUILDing SCHOLARS Mentoring Award for his demonstrated excellence in student research mentoring. Congratulations Dr. Rumpf!!

UTEP Announcement

Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf Wins the 2015 Dean's Teaching Award

Dr. Rumpf was honored by recieving the 2015 Dean's Teaching Award for his outstanding efforts teaching and mentoring students at the University of Texas at El Paso. Congratulations Dr. Rumpf!!

EM Lab and UCF Demonstrate World's Tightest Optical Bend

The EM Lab, in close collaboration with the University of Central Florida, has demonstrated the world's tightest optical bend. This was achieved using what they call "spatially-variant self-collimation." The team expects the technology will have applications in optical interconnects and optical networking that will ultimately let high speed digital computers run off of light.

Video Aired on Fox News
UTEP Article
El Paso Times Article
UCF Article Article

EM Lab Team Wins "Best Business Plan" Award at Paso del Norte Venture Competition

A team from the EM Lab won the honored "Best Business Plan" award at the recent Paso del Norte Venture Competition held in El Paso, TX, in March 2015. The team was Ubaldo Robles, Edwin Ramirez-Homs, Leandro S. Brandi, Jesus J. Gutierrez, and Edgar Bustamante and it was mentored by Jeni Clark and Raymond Rumpf. The business plan was developed to commercialize patent pending technology that will dramatically improve antennas in mobile phones. Their technology will improve battery life, increase data speed, and allow more components to be packaged into mobile phones.

EM Lab Alumn Cesar Garcia Awarded Best Dissertation

Cesar R. Garcia was awarded the prestigeous Best Dissertation 2015 for the entire College of Engineering at the University of Texas at El Paso. His dissertation was titled "3D Printed Spatially Variant Anisotropic Metamaterials" was truly revolutionary and the technologoy may be the holy grail in electronics packaging. It allows components to be packaged very tightly without causing interference and coupling that degrades and antennas and limits how fast data can be sent.

Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf is Featured Engineer on

Dr. Rumpf is the featured engineer on for the week of February 23, 2015. The web feature is an extensive interview with Dr. Rumpf, his background, his research, and advice for student engineers. You can see the full feature at the link below.

Feature Article

UTEP Entrepreneurs To Commercialize EM Lab Technology

Three students from the EM Lab have entered the Paso Del Norte Venture Competition. Together they will work to commercialize a recent technology breakthrough in the EM Lab. The technology uses metamaterials to improve the performance of antennas placed in close proximity. This is a huge problem in mobile phones and these three entrepreneurs have the answer.

Read more

EM Lab Invited to Present at the Royal Society

The EM Lab was invited to present their research on spatially-variant lattices at the Royal Society in January 2015. The topic of the meeting was on spatial transforms.

Event website, Spatial transforms: from fundamentals to applications

Presentation slides

Audio recording of presentation

UTEP Students Visit the Army Research Lab at the White Sands Missile Range

A group of UTEP students from the EM Lab visited the Army Research Lab (ARL) at the White Sands Missile Range. The highlight of the tour was visiting the ARL's impressive anechoic chambers. The photograph was taken inside the largest chamber. The EM Lab is already collaborating with the ARL on the topic of ultra-wideband antennas, but more and closer collaboration is anticipated in the near future.

EM Lab Wins EPIC Project to Commercialize Metamaterials

The EM Lab was awarded funding by the El Paso Innovation and Commercialization (EPIC) Board. The project will form a spin-off company in El Paso to commercialize a recent breakthrough at UTEP in metamaterials. The technology will be initially applied to improve the electromagnetic compatibility of multiple antennas in cell phones, but many other applications are possible.

Javier Pazos Successfully Defends His Ph.D.

Javier Pazos successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation titled "Digitally Manufactured Spatially Variant Photonic Crystals." He performed pioneering work in spatially-variant lattices as well as a number of new device concepts that it enables. Great job Javier!


KTEP Radio Interviews Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf

As part of UTEP's centennial celebration, KTEP radio interviewed the top 100 researchers at UTEP. The interview with Dr. Rumpf aired on June 5, 2014. You can listen the five-minute interview by clicking on the link below.

Dr. Rumpf's KTEP Interview 5-June-2014


EM Lab Alumni Cesar R. Garcia is in the News

Lockheed Martin accounced they are developing a nuclear fusion reactor. Below is a link to an article in Popular Science. Cesar Garcia is the frontmost scientist in the opening photograph of the article. Great work Cesar!!

Popular Science Article


EM Lab Welcomes its New Members

The EM Lab welcomes nine new members!!

Jose Avila, Jose Enriquez, Carlos Rodriguez, Nancy Tepezano, Cesar Valle, Edgar Bustamante, Mark Chavez, Jesus Gutierrez, and Noel Martinez.

Click here to see what they are doing.


EM Lab Awarded a Contract by the Army Reserach Lab to Develop Ultra-Wideband Antenanas with Short Ring-Down Time

The EM Lab was awarded a contract by the Army Research Lab at the White Sands Missle Range to study and develop ultra-wideband antennas with short ring-down time. The antennas will be used in pulsed electromagnetic systems.


EM Lab Awarded a Contract by the Naval Postgraduate School to Develop All-Dielectric Antennas

The EM Lab was awarded a contract by the Naval Postgraduate School to develop a new class of all-dielectric antennas. Antenna design is too easy using metals and the metals can become problematic at high power or in chemically hostile environments. Our antennas will build on several of our previous breakthroughs in electromagnetics and will be manufactured by 3D printing.


First Two PhD's Graduate from the EM Lab

Congratulations Dr. Cesar R. Garica and Dr. Jay H. Barton for earning your Ph.D.! Cesar's research focused on spatially variant anisotropic metamaterials for MIMO antennas. Jay's research focused on all-dielectric frequency selective surfaces for extreme applications.


EM Lab Develops New Way to Control Electromagnetic Fields

We developed a way to sculpt the shape of electromagnetic fields including near-fields using spatially variant anisotropic metamaterials. We are using this technology to isolate components placed in close proximity and to improve the performance of devices forced into awkward form factors.

Click here to see spotlight.

R. C. Rumpf, C. R. Garcia, H. H. Tsang, J. E. Padilla, M. D. Irwin, "Electromagnetic Isolation of a Microstrip by Embedding in a Spatially Variant Anisotropic Metamaterial," PIER, Vol. 142, pp. 243-260, 2013.


Student Spotlight on Cesar R. Garcia

Cesar R. Garcia was recognized by UTEP as an outstanding graduate student. They put together a spotlight to honor him and show off his research to prospective students and other research organizations. The spotlight discusses his research and background and is a very good read. Congratulations Cesar!!

Click here to see spotlight.


EM Lab Featured on IET Website

The EM Lab has been featured on IET for their work exploring 3D printed antennas and the effects of surface roughness. Congratulations Cesar Garcia, Harvey Tsang, and Jay Barton for this recognition of your extraordinary work!

Click here to see web feature


EM Lab Develops New Concept for All-Dielectric Metamaterials

The EM Lab achieved a major breakthrough in all-dielectric electromagnetics by demonstrating the world's first spatially variant self-collimating photonic crystal. The technology was developed as an alternative to transformation optics. It has the ability to control the flow of waves in 3D space very abruptly, but can be implemented using just ordinary dielectric materials with low dielectric constant. Congratulations to Javier Pazos and Cesar Garcia on this significant achievement!!.

Click here to read announcement
Publication in PIER.
Article in Interference Technology


Jay Barton and Prof. Raymond C. Rumpf awarded summer fellowships at the White Sands Missile Range

Congratulations Jay Barton and Prof. Rumpf for being awarded summer fellowships at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. They will be working together and with some other students from around the United States in the area of high power microwaves.


EM Lab Awarded a Contract by Raytheon for 3D Printing

The EM Lab was awarded a contract by Raytheon for 3D printing of novel 3D structures. The work will lead to new ways to manufacture devices with electrical and/or electromagnetic functionality.


Dr. Rumpf awarded the Miguel Izquierdo Endowment for Outstanding Teaching

Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf received the highest student evaluation for teaching and was awarded the highly prestigious Miguel Izquierdo Endowment for Outstanding Teaching. He received a record breaking 5.00 in all students' ratings with superb comments from all students. Since joining UTEP, Rumpf has developed and taught four graduate courses in advanced electromagnetics.


EM Lab finishes construction of its new RF and Microwave Anechoic Test Facility

The EM Lab team has finished construction of its new anechoic facility. This will give the team extraordinary capabilities for making accurate free space measurements of antennas, frequency selective surfaces, and other scattering devices. Special thanks to Ubaldo Robles, Cesar Garcia, Javier


EM Lab achieves a breakthrough in spatially variant metamaterials

Under funding from DARPA, the EM Lab team has developed a novel algorithm to spatially vary any geometrical attribute of a periodic structure while still rendering the overall lattice smooth and continuous. Attributes include unit cell orientation, lattice spacing, fill fraction, geometry, material composition and more. The team is using this tool to invent a new generation of metamaterial devices.

R. C. Rumpf, J. Pazos, "Synthesis of spatially variant lattices," Opt. Express 20, 15263-15274 (2012).


Dr. Rumpf wins the prestigious DARPA Young Faculty Award

Dr. Rumpf, founder of the EM Lab, received the highly prestigious DARPA Young Faculty Award for a project titled "Direct Digital Manufacturing of 3D Metamaterial Devices." The research will begin in September 2011. The lab will use the funding to make revolutionary advances in metamaterials and manufacturing metamaterial devices by additive manufacturing (3D printing). The contract lasts for two years.


Dr. Rumpf receives Dean's teaching award, May 2012

Dr. Rumpf received the Dean's teaching award on May 2012 for his work developing a new sequence of graduate electromagnetic courses and high ratings from the students. This sequence included Electromagnetic Design, Electromagnetic Analysis Using Finite-Difference Time-Domain, Computational Electromagnetics, and 21st Century Electromagnetics.


Dr. Rumpf receives ECE Research Award, May 2012

In recognition of his pioneering work in 3D printed electromagnetics, Dr. Rumpf received the Research Award for Electrical and Computer Engineering on May 2012.


Jay H. Barton awarded prestigious Summer Fellowship with Air Force Research Lab, 2012

Jay H. Barton was awarded with a summer fellowship with the Air Force Research Lab at Kirtland Air Force Base. He will be working in the Directed Energy directorate helping to develop electromagnetic technologies in this area.


EM Lab welcomes its newest member, Eric Berry!

Eric Berry has recently joined the EM Lab team. His research will focus on developing parallel and GPU simulation codes for electromagnetics and plasma physics.


Ubaldo Robles receives multiple highest awards at IMAPS conference

Ubaldo Robles received three seperate awards for his paper and presentation at an IMAPS Advanced Technology Workship on RF and Microwave Packaging. At this conference he presented his work on impedance elements manufactured by micro-dispensing. His awards included Best Student Paper, Best Student Presentation, and Best Paper. Congratulations Ubaldo!!

February 7-8, 2012.


EM Lab awarded a contract to evaluate printed impedance elements

The EM Lab was awarded a contract from Lockheed Martin to print impedance elements (i.e. capacitors and inductors) using micro-dispensing. The technology will be used in 3D circuits, structural electronics, and metamaterials.


EM Lab awarded a contract to develop frequency selective surfaces for high power microwaves

The EM Lab at UTEP has teamed with Prime Photonics and Lockheed Martin to develop frequency selective surfaces for high power microwaves. The device will literally be able to filter lightning bolts.

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