This short course requires a laptop computer with MATLAB and Blender installed.

Course Notes (PDF)

Recorded Theory Modules (YouTube)

Recorded Computer Sessions (YouTube)

Course Resources

  • Short Course Flyer
  • MATLAB Help and Getting Started
  • Blender

  • Download ".zip" file containing MATLAB SVL codes

    • svlblur.p -- This function performs a blur operation on the input array to smooth edges by a controllable amount.
    • svlsolve.p -- This function calculates the grating phase from the K-function.
    • svlcad.p -- This function exports a surface mesh as an STL file that can be imported into Blender or other CAD programs.

    Note: The above MATLAB programs are protected function files and have a ".p" extension. They work just like ".m" files, but they cannot be opened to view the code inside them.

Literature on Spatially-Variant Lattices